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Charcuterie Graze - Grazing Tables

Our custom Grazing Tables offer a beautiful feast for you and your guest to enjoy. Throughout the graze, you will enjoy a variety of delicious artisan cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruit, vegetables, dips, jams, crackers, bread, honey, nuts and accompaniments. The tables are also assembled with wooden props, boards and risers to add height and depth; elevating the atmosphere and the aesthetic of the graze. And to add even more beauty to your graze, we like to include light greenery and small florals to put it all together.

We can set up on most tables, kitchen islands or countertop of your choice, although we strongly recommend the area to be set up in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight. This is just to ensure the your grazing goods are kept fresh and can be enjoyed fully by all your guest at the time of your get-together. 

      ~Tables, kitchen islands and/or countertops will all be covered and                    protected by grazing paper to ensure an easy clean up~ 

      ~Due to the nature and size of these tables, we do require a minimum of 2          hours to set up your table prior to the start of your get-together to                  ensure your guest can be wowed upon arrival~

      ~Following the event, a date and time can be arranged for pick up of all           props used throughout your graze~

     ~If you would like to keep the remaining goods leftover by your guest, we         would be happy to help pack them in containers of your choice~






Please note, our minimum for Grazing Tables starts at $875, and this typically feeds about 30-35 people; for all events larger than 35 guests, an additional fee of $22 per person will be added. A 50% deposit is due at time of booking to secure date and order. For all inquires regarding grazing tables, please contact me with the details of your event through the information provided below. 


Mobile: 714-305-2580


                          I look forward to helping you bring your vision to life! 

                                                         Talk Soon!

Graze Photo Gallery

Below you will find some photos of Grazes I have had the honor of putting together over the years. For more pictures, please head to my Instagram linked below.

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